Bo Ren

2 March 2020

3 min read


Finding your path to market

By Ryan Lawler

3 min read

Today we’re launching the online version of ClassroomX, an educational series developed to provide entrepreneurs, developers, and other startup employees with the tools they need to transform their companies and accelerate their success.

The series focuses on the nuts and bolts of building a startup today, such as defining your business model and building your customer base. Presentations are designed to provide insights and actionable advice for overcoming challenges related to product development, marketing, technology, and sales.

You can watch all 15 presentations on-demand or pick and choose which ones that matter the most to you. Learn more about the sessions below.

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Integrating online and offline worlds

In this session, Samsung NEXT’s Brandon Hoffman provides insight into why the best new companies are being built on a thoughtful integration of physical and digital experiences, and what that can mean for your business going forward.

Driving pricing from cost-based to value-driven

In this session led by NUMA’s Maor Gordon-Guterman, you'll learn about the various methods of pricing and strategies that can be leveraged to improve the profitability of your business.

How to build a product-driven company

In this session, Bo Ren, head of NY ecosystem at Samsung NEXT and former product manager at companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, will teach you how to make your first product hire and how to instill product thinking into the DNA of your company.

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How to validate your distribution strategy

Samsung NEXT’s Jakob Fricke in this session will help startups to understand how they can de-risk their distribution strategy and how to connect their products with the right market segments.

How to grow a community around your brand

In this session, co-matter founder Severin Matusek teaches startups how to communicate their values and how to build a real community around their products and services.

Calmly defusing extreme uncertainty by assessing potential outcomes

Serial entrepreneur Ido Yablonka shares his tips on how startups can use a practical product management methodology to overcome uncertain outcomes and optimize for success.

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Negotiation tactics for startup leaders

Former FBI negotiator Chip Massey will teach you how to be intentional with your empathy and how to drive communication towards optimal outcomes for your startup.

Finding your path to market

In this session, Samsung NEXT senior advisor Scott Armanini provides founders with valuable hands-on advice to help them build a scalable go-to-market strategy.

How to take the guesswork out of B2B SaaS pricing

Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt, the managing partner at, teaches SaaS startups how developing a good pricing model can be the secret sauce to establishing product-market fit.

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Product innovation in a hyper-growth era

Unbabel VP of Product Innovation Paulo Dimas shares how the emergence of new technologies is decreasing the lifespan of tech companies, and what that means for startups looking to successfully innovate in a hypergrowth environment.

Building your product as cultural reflection

Eternal founder Reggie James shares his thoughts on how having a definitive view of the surrounding culture will enable your products to manifest the direction of the crowd.

How to build a badass business model

In this session, Samsung NEXT’s Christina Bechhold Russ breaks down the practical steps necessary to create a business model that can be used to plan, test, and ultimately turn ideas into viable business ventures.

A beginner’s guide to startup valuation

Abby Lyall, program director at Big Idea Ventures, walks founders through the fundamentals of startup valuation, how to impress VCs, and how to best position themselves when it comes time to negotiate term sheets.

How Rent the Runway disrupted itself

Josh Builder, CTO of Rent the Runway, provides a case study in how his startup completely rebuilt its technology around reverse logistics, inventory, user experience, and membership – all while dramatically scaling its business.

Conflict resolution strategies for achieving positive outcomes

In this session, Samsung NEXT’s head of platform Tracy Hinds shares tools that founders and their employees can use to reduce stress and manage conflict before it escalates.

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It has never been easier to turn your startup idea into a product, but it also has never been more difficult to turn that product into a business and to scale it globally. ClassroomX provides a crash course on some of the most important strategies and tactics required to succeed in today's marketplace.