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D&I Resources for Startups

We believe diversity and inclusion (D&I) is essential to our mission of building a global ecosystem for transformative software and services. We support ambitious builders and founders striving to meet the needs of a global audience, and are committed to creating a tech ecosystem that is more diverse and inclusive. In doing so, we ensure underrepresented founders have access to the networks, resources, and capital to realize their full potential.

About This Guide

The objective of this guide is to serve as a resource for founders and startups looking to strengthen their investment in D&I. It summarizes our perspective on some of the critical pillars of D&I work, and includes a number of our own in-house resources that have been shared as examples to help create your own. We see this guide as just the beginning of a deeper D&I exploration—not an exhaustive list but an important jumping off point as you explore deeper integration of D&I practices into your startup.

The guide is broken into the three sections below. Within each, you’ll find resources to help you address each of these areas, along with explanations for how to implement them.

  1. Foundational Elements - essential building blocks for infusing D&I into your startups’ DNA
  2. Recruiting & Hiring - resources and approaches for building diverse teams
  3. Inclusive Culture - actions for nurturing a genuine culture of belonging

We’re excited to share this guide with you all and to continue sharing the work we’re doing here around D&I. Getting this work right means working together, so let’s keep the conversation going:

D&I Resource Guide