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Samsung Next Berlin is focused on supporting and growing founder networks all across Europe by providing resources and acting as a platform to amplify entrepreneurs who are doing great work. Our team - which includes serial entrepreneurs, technologists, community organizers, and investors - has a deep understanding of the complexity of scaling ideas into thriving global businesses. We’re passionate about celebrating founders from a wide array of backgrounds and being able to connect big ambitious ideas with a platform that can bring them to life through investment, acquisition, or partnership.

“We are proud to sit at the heart of the European tech ecosystem, a fantastic hotbed of talent. The diversity and strengths of the individual countries amass to create a formidable force. One that will move away from the initial e-commerce wave of success, towards the utilization of its engineering skills and execution know-how, establishing itself as the home of deep tech.” -- Iskender Dirik, Managing Director & General Manager of Europe

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