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We foresee a future where emerging technology, shifting demographics, and evolving social trends drive new consumer behaviors. We believe these themes will shape the most promising business opportunities.

An empowered consumer

Consumers are more knowledgeable and informed than ever, and seek out companies and products that align with their values.

A more diverse and fragmented market

Brands must adapt to create more targeted and personalized experiences that address changing demographics and customer needs.

Demand for technology users can trust

Technology companies have a responsibility to build experiences that create a more purposeful future for all consumers.

Focus Areas

While we work with founders opportunistically, our investments are focused on four areas with the greatest potential to create meaningful impact and bring these themes to life.

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Artificial intelligence

The next generation of artificial intelligence will push the boundaries of deep learning, quantum computing, and human-computer interfaces.

Media tech

Media is evolving to power immersive, social, and hyper-personalized experiences through gaming, synthetic media, and mixed reality.

Digital health

Wearables, sensors, and wellness data are combining to deliver better health outcomes with more convenience and lower cost.

Edge computing

Edge computing will enable billions of devices to make compute, security, networking, and storage more efficient.

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