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Investing globally in underrepresented founders

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Our Diverse Founders Initiative (DFI) ensures underrepresented founders across the world have access.

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“Our goal is to create equal access to capital and expertise for all innovators in the world. We want to lower the barrier of opportunity to reach founders who have traditionally been overlooked as a result of race/ethnicity, gender, religion or geographic location.”
Brendon Kim VP, Managing Director, Global Head of Ventures

In 2019, only 4 percent of venture dollars were invested in women-only founded startups, and it’s estimated that over three-quarters of venture-backed founders are white. We are committed to sourcing innovation from a diverse ecosystem. Learn more about our Ventures focus areas.

DFI guides the investments Samsung Next makes in underrepresented founders, and aims to provide capital to best-in-class founders who are often hiding in plain sight. By doing so, we connect them to the networks and resources to achieve their goals, and to scale leveraging the Samsung ecosystem.

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Global Innovators Directory

We want to invest in the companies that are building the most exciting and visionary products, services, and technologies that could scale with Samsung. It is our responsibility to ensure that all great founders and tech leaders, regardless of background, access, and geography, have the same opportunity to unlock their potential.
Let's team up

We partner with organizations that work directly with underrepresented founders to expand networks and potential deal flow, and help them receive the resources and support they need.

Black Women Talk Tech is a collective of black women tech founders who have a unique understanding of the challenges we face and the advantages we bring in the industry.

Culture Shift Labs is a diversity and innovation consultancy that provides services under three pillars: Advising, Strategy, and Activation.

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed.


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