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Our in-house product team, Built by Next, is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds to create solutions that change the way we live, work, and connect with each other. We explore new product ideas across three major technological shifts.


Machine learning and automated technologies will enable a world where machines seamlessly act on our behalf.

Supply & Demand

Sensors and computing enable us to manage resources more efficiently and create a future where supply and demand reach a perfect balance.

New Interfaces

Emerging visual and tactile interfaces will enable technology to create experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds.

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Building the world’s smartest food platform
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In Stealth Mode

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At Samsung Next we are always looking to the future. We're developing new technologies in the following areas.

  • Smart Fitness
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Edge computing

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What it feels like to build at Next

Our global team brings together deep expertise across disciplines and industries, testing and iterating new ideas and turning them into fully working products as quickly as possible.

Experience the best of both worlds

We combine startup culture with corporate scale to build a world-class software and services team.

Have autonomy and ownership

Cross-disciplined tribes and squads are given space to make and own decisions, supported by the infrastructure they need to reach meaningful success faster.

Focus on real impact

Our product teams are focused on solving real problems for customers at a global scale.

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“Together with Samsung’s hardware teams, we will be focusing on delivering seamless digital food experiences that open new ways for users to connect digital experiences to hardware.”
Nick Holzherr
Head of Whisk
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“The opportunity to work at such a venerated company and yet maintain the startup mentality is a huge draw. There’s decades of success and innovation behind Samsung, so I know there’s so much I can learn from working at their intersection of hardware and software.”
Dana Nguyen
Principal Product Manager
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