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11 December 2020

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Why we partnered with Techstars

By Brandon Hoffman

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With a new year nearly upon us, Samsung Next remains as committed as ever to exploring new, untapped possibilities, including opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion throughout the tech ecosystem.

We’re continuing to put significant effort into building a more inclusive ecosystem and believe it’s not enough to just support founders and workers from underrepresented backgrounds who are currently in it. We also must nurture all of the incredible talents of future generations who will be transforming the industry in their years to come.

Addressing systemic inequities

Through a new partnership with The Marcy Lab School in Brooklyn, Samsung Next supports Marcy Lab in breaking down systemic inequities by providing pathways for Black and Latinx students into tech, an industry that continues to fail in equitable representation and inclusion for these communities. We have historically engaged with organizations in shorter, periodic engagements, but with The Marcy Lab School, we are excited about building a partnership that lasts for many years to come.

Founded in 2019, Marcy Lab offers an affordable but rigorous college alternative that equips young people from low-income backgrounds with the education necessary to launch a career in tech. The school’s 10-month software engineering fellowship, for instance, is designed to be a direct pathway to employment as an entry-level software engineer. In 2020, Marcy Lab graduated its first class of nine students who have earned an average compensation package of $103,500 writing software at companies such as WW, The New York Times, and Democracy Works.

“The Marcy Lab School is thrilled to be partnering with Samsung Next,” said Reuben Ogbonna II, Executive Director of The Marcy Lab School. “We are excited about the training and experience that our Fellows will receive working alongside engineering and product leaders at one of the most innovative companies in the world.”

Focusing on the next generation of tech workers

At Samsung Next, we have the opportunity to support Marcy Lab’s students with resources, networks, and workforce experience that will build on their skills and talents in becoming the world’s next generation of builders and founders.

In the coming year, our goal is for at least half of our employee base to participate in the activities taking place at least once a quarter, including a hackathon, career panels, fireside chats, and a “Job Prep Fair” to get Marcy Lab students ready for job interviews. Over the course of the year, students will be receiving mentoring from Next employees to have frequent, meaningful touchpoints that will support them in better understanding the day-to-day of the work.

We have also partnered with Marcy Lab on a paid summer apprenticeship with Samsung Next’s product engineering teams. During this apprenticeship, students will explore and grow their engineering skills, working on projects that impact the business, with the ultimate goal of transitioning these students in full-time employment once the apprenticeship ends.

We know that this important partnership is just the beginning in doing our part to fight systemic inequities but are committed to continuing to take action in this realm and partner with the incredible organizations like Marcy Lab who are doing the impactful work of supporting community members each day.

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