Christina Bechhold Russ

10 September 2018

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Work is being decentralized, and there is no single digital solution catering to the needs of this new breed of organization. Not only are fewer and fewer jobs tied to a desk, but entire industries of traditionally non desk-based workers have been essentially ignored by digital services.

That’s why today Samsung NEXT is proud to announce our investment in Beekeeper, which we believe is the first company to pull together communication and collaboration tools, as well as core business processes and a marketplace of integrations, into a single, mobile-first platform.

The Problem

Much as data storage and compute is being decentralized, so are workforces across industries. Today there are more than three times as many mobile workers as desktop workers in the world, and the status quo for their communications is often offline (through posters and handouts) and frequently one-way (from management down).

For organizations in verticals like retail, hospitality, and manufacturing, there is no single digital solution that caters to the needs of both managers and employees on the floor or in the field. That’s where Beekeeper comes in.

The Solution

Beekeeper empowers non-desk workers with a single, easy-to-use application that allows employers to reach every employee, boost engagement, and increase efficiency with an open, flexible, easily customizable platform.

Its app allows employees to communicate and collaborate with each other more effectively, while providing a dashboard and analytics for managers to measure engagement and gain real-time insights into how well their systems are operating.

Last but not least, the platform provides a layer of security and an open marketplace of integrations with tools that IT and HR departments already use.

The Opportunity

While we believe Beekeeper is solving a big problem and are impressed by the traction it has already shown, we were most attracted by its team and our opportunity to collaborate with them.

Beekeeper’s founders Cristian and Flavio are not only highly technical, but focused, passionate professionals. They're also building a global company with a highly distributed workforce, so they have an acute understanding of their customer's pain points.

We also think we can help! Given our global footprint, Samsung is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of distributed workforces by integrating our devices with a company like Beekeeper that makes doing business on your feet as easy as doing it at a desk.

We're excited to work with Beekeeper and help identify overlap in key segments in the U.S. and Europe, where pairing our devices with Beekeeper's platform can provide immediate value to end business users.