Travis Bogard

4 March 2019

2 min read


Today, I’m pleased to announce that Whisk has agreed to be acquired by Samsung and join the Samsung NEXT Product team. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions.

Whisk's technology enables businesses to build integrated, smarter, and more meaningful digital food experiences that consumers love. Whisk partners with some of the industry’s largest food retailers, top consumer brands, favorite recipe sites, and cutting-edge IoT companies. These partnerships enable a variety of experiences:

  • Publishers can create intelligent shopping lists that enable consumers to power recipe recommendations, simplify meal planning, provide nutritional information for health tracking, and purchase ingredients for delivery or pickup from top grocery sources.
  • Retailers can use the reach of the Whisk network to connect with their customers right at the moment of inspiration on publisher sites while also creating engaging experiences through shopping lists and recipe recommendations.
  • IoT and Health companies can increase engagement through shopping lists, nutritional information, meal planning, and control of connected appliances.
  • Brands can connect with their customers in the context of the food journey to create deeper engagement with consumers.

At the heart of the Whisk platform is sophisticated technology that understands each ingredient in the world, as well as its relationship to other ingredients. The platform also understands each ingredient’s nutritional value, when it perishes, what it costs, and where to buy it.

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Here at Samsung NEXT, we are committed to advancing software and services businesses, and platforms to improve the way people work and live. We have all heard of the prototypical startup garage, where entrepreneurs have the ability to quickly launch and iterate on their products. On the other hand, large businesses have the scale to introduce their products to billions of users around the world.

In a recent discussion at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), I shared how we strive to bring together the best of both worlds: startup speed with scale. We empower teams to own their decisions while providing them with the infrastructure they need to reach meaningful success faster.

Nick Holzherr, founder and CEO of Whisk, is a product leader who will be a great fit for our team and efforts. Whisk’s vision, execution, and culture closely align with how we see the world.

We are excited to accelerate Whisk toward a future where every food touchpoint is seamlessly connected, which will inspire consumers to enjoy new food experiences like never before.

We will continue investing in Whisk to build a world-class product, work with partners to deliver even more value, and enable the team to scale with the help of our expertise and resources.

For more information, you can read Whisk CEO Nick Holzherr's blog post here.

Welcome to the team, Whisk!

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