Ryan Lawler

7 October 2020

32 min listen

How Edgeworx is making edge computing more open

Data is exploding at an exponential rate, and soon more systems will need to move toward computing at the edge. These systems will require a new way of thinking about how to manage them.

Data generated at the edge could drive real value, but very little of it is actually being used today. As more devices come online, that problem will accelerate. According to a McKinsey study, there will be as many as 30 billion IoT devices in the field by 2020, but today’s infrastructure can’t support the massive amount of data they will produce.

Samsung Next portfolio company Edgeworx is at the forefront of this paradigm shift. It is solving hard technical problems for operating robust and manageable systems where logic can be running at the edge. It’s doing that by offering an open source platform that provides a flexible, secure, and manageable way for organizations operating edge devices to easily collect and analyze data from their operations.

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Edgeworx’s technology was designed to be the infrastructure layer for edge devices and to interface with legacy systems and cloud and data centers so easily that it appears native to other systems. That will enable customers to run real software on practically any device, regardless of compute resources. And it lets them do so with the same level of security and remote control as they would expect from today’s cloud and data center infrastructure.

In this podcast episode, I spoke with Edgeworx’s Farah Papaioannou and Kilton Hopkins about how edge computing works, and how their technology makes it easier to run applications at the edge.

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