Travis Bogard

16 December 2020

1 min read

For many of us, the holidays have always been a time to gather with our friends and families to share traditions. Many of those traditions involve food -- whether that means gathering at a family member’s home, bringing a tried-and-true dish to the office potluck, or creating new traditions with friends around your own dining-room table.

But since many of us aren’t able to safely come together with friends and family this year, spreading holiday warmth and cheer can feel like an impossible challenge.

This has been true here at Samsung Next, where our teams are spread across 15 different time zones and many different countries and cultures. With the onset of COVID-19, all of our physical locations have been officially closed this year -- so the challenge to stay close is not foreign to us.

During this year’s holidays, we decided to continue to gather around food -- but since we physically couldn’t be together, we did so virtually. We’ve been sharing individual recipes and created a Whisk community of Samsung Next holiday favorites.

If you are like us, a lot of this sharing is happening in Slack. So we decided to make it even easier to find, share, and save recipes inside Slack with Whisk.

We’re delighted to share our Whisk on Slack feature with everyone, as just one of many ways you can keep food traditions alive and loved ones close.

We hope it’ll bring you some holiday cheer and fun no matter where you are, and that you’ll find it as magical as we have!

Happy Holidays,
Travis and all of us here at Samsung Next

* * * * *

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