Severin Matusek

11 December 2019

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Now out: The VC Platform Field Guide features 60 pages filled with insights contributed by platform leads from VC funds such as Atomico, AngelList, Seedcamp, Entrepreneur First & many others. You can download it for free via

Today I’m excited to share a project we’ve been working on at Samsung NEXT Europe this year.

Together with Isabel Salguiero and our friends from Cherry Ventures we’ve put together the VC Platform Field Guide: a 60 page free guide book that aims to inspire VC firms around the world to support their portfolio companies, increase their deal flow and contribute to a thriving tech ecosystem.

What is Platform, you might ask? Platform is a relatively new function that serves to improve a VC firm’s offering to portfolio companies. It’s a role that, in just a few short years, firms around the world have been rushing to make part of their core teams. In short, we believe that in today’s crowded venture capital landscape, it's the value-add that really makes the difference.

How we created it with 15 of Europe’s leading Heads of Platform

It all started when, in early 2019, we organized a regular Berlin VC Platform meetup. In doing so we discovered a wealth of platform expertise within some of the world's biggest VC firms, waiting to be shared.

So we asked 15 of the most experienced platform leads we know how they did it. How they created and executed a platform strategy that made a substantial difference to their portfolio companies – and how they continue to make an impact on overall fund performance.

A big thank you to the platform professionals who kindly contributed their expertise to this guide. In helping startup teams to grow and succeed every day, they are advancing this thriving tech ecosystem. Without them, this guide wouldn’t have been possible:

Carolina Küng (Frontline Ventures), Eleanor Warnock (Atomico), Elizabeth Broderick (Kindred Capital), Emma Philipps (LocalGlobe), Keji Mustapha (Connect Ventures), Kim Pham (European VC Platform), Martin Krag Andersen (byFounders), Natasha Lytton (Seedcamp), Naza Metghalchi (EQT Ventures) Nina Woess (Speedinvest), Olivia Stamp (Entrepreneur First), Philipp Moehring (AngelList) and Stephen Millard (Notion Capital).

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Get your free copy of the VC Platform Field Guide

The VC Platform Field Guide, published today, is the result of those discussions. It breaks down the why, when, what, how, and who of platform, with a chapter dedicated to each of these big questions.

We created it to help VC partners and prospective platform professionals better understand the true impact and value-add that platform can deliver. Its goal is to equip you with all the knowledge you need to get started, from how to build a platform strategy to who you should enlist to make it a success.

Get your free copy here:

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Armed with this little book, we hope to contribute a few insights and tools that any VC firm can apply to create success for the next generation of startups.