Angie Lee

1 December 2020

1 min read


Scaling to global audiences

By Emily Koster

2 min read

Samsung Next is committed to driving and fostering innovation globally. This means that we invest in startups, acquire technology, and partner with companies big and small to unlock value across the entire ecosystem and maximize impact.

We believe great talent and ideas exist in all communities. Companies like ours have a responsibility to ensure that all great founders and tech leaders, regardless of background, access, and geography, have the same opportunity to unlock their potential. Knowing that so much of the tech industry is powered by relationships, we found ourselves asking: How do we broaden our networks to ensure that we’re meeting with the companies who are building the most exciting and visionary products, services, and technologies?

The solution is simple: We lower the barriers for all founders and companies to reach out to Next and collaborate with Samsung.

We’re introducing The Global Innovators Directory and inviting all founders to tell us about yourselves with a simple form. What are you building? How can we help? How can we work together to unlock world-changing value?

Join the Global Innovators Directory

While we may not reach out to you right away, we pledge to review every submission and reference the directory often - whether it’s to identify large companies that may be good corporate partners, startups that are doing interesting work in one our primary focus areas, founders who may be a good candidate for our Diverse Founders Initiative, or for companies that we can highlight on Dispatch or Component. Our platform is broad and continues to grow and evolve.

Since breaking the ice is always a little tricky, we’ll start.

Hello. It’s nice to meet you. Tell us a little about yourself.

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If you have a startup looking to connect with Next, consider joining our Global Innovators Directory. We'd love to learn how we can help you achieve your goals - whether it is through investment, partnership, or collaboration.

Join the Global Innovators Directory