Ryan Lawler

21 November 2019

1 min read


This article is part of our “How AI is changing the world” event series, held in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv from June to November 2019, featuring insights by leading scientists and entrepreneurs on how AI will change healthcare, communication, agriculture, travel, and other industries. Check out all 12 talks here.

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RigD is using AI for crisis management. "When there is a problem, it's stressful, it's urgent, and somebody ends up being the hero," said Justin Griffin, founder and CEO. "And more often than not, somebody ends up being the goat."

RigD helps lower the pressure of such incidents by automating the crisis management process itself. To save time, the company's AI software collects internal messaging about the crises from different platforms — such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp — and accelerates resolving similar events in the future.

The company's software uses AI natural language processing and sentiment analysis algorithms to identify and highlight the key takeaways: what happened, who asked questions, which data sources were useful, who solved problems, and what was the mood of conversations.

The technology can help companies better understand and respond to a crisis, while recommending the actions, and employees who might most effectively help solve the problem. Justin gave an example of saving a company over a million dollars per month by shaving an average of 6 minutes each incident.