Ryan Lawler

21 November 2019

1 min read


This article is part of our “How AI is changing the world” event series, held in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv from June to November 2019, featuring insights by leading scientists and entrepreneurs on how AI will change healthcare, communication, agriculture, travel, and other industries. Check out all 12 talks here.

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Pavan Kumar, CTO and founder of Cocoon Health, developed a camera that can tell parents about the health of their baby — with the future goal of making every camera a personal health assistant.

"We've built a software platform that can turn any camera into a health monitor that can detect your vital signs" said Pavan. The company's first product, Cocoon Cam, is a baby monitor that can track an infant's breathing rate, sleep patterns, and physical activity, and can even alert parents before an infant wakes, or if it might be becoming sick.

With its breakthrough advancements in computer vision, Cocoon Health may hold the key to making medical diagnostics universally accessible. "In the near future, we'll be able to monitor your heart rate, and even things like pulse transit time, which is directly correlated with your systolic blood pressure. With just any regular camera. Without any wearables or sensors on your body," said Pavan.

With direct access to our vital signs, we can unlock telemedicine, earlier diagnosis of health issues, and improved treatment which could result in us leading longer and healthier lives.