Ryan Lawler & Stephanie Keith

15 December 2020

1 min read


2020 will go down in history books as one that tested our grit as a modern society. Not only did COVID-19 highlight the strengths and weaknesses in our health systems and political leadership, but it also reflected back to us the virtues and shortcomings of our communities. At the same time, it gave us hope by shining a spotlight on the power of technology to bring people together.

Our mission at Component is to dive deep into the technologies that shape our future. While we spend most of our time at Samsung Next looking to the future, we decided to take a moment to look back on a year that amplified the role that technology plays in everyone’s lives.

We saw millions of people move from offices to Zoom, from eating out to cooking in, and from doctor visits to telemedicine. We also saw breakthrough technologies that will enable modern life to continue and offer up new opportunities, from the launch of 5G to the adoption of GPT-3. Finally, we had some difficult discussions about the responsibilities the tech industry has around social justice and our mental health.

We partnered with Stephanie Keith, a photojournalist whose work appears regularly in the New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post, to document this new reality, which included following a Brooklyn family as they navigated life in lockdown.

So much of 2020 was pain, headache, and heartache. But we continue to be inspired by the potential of technology as it carries us into 2021.

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